Annie Savage: Vocals, Fiddle, Sass (

Tracy Lynn : Vocals, Guitar, General cheekiness (

Also featuring...

Greg Blake- special guest 2019-2020 season: Lead Guitar, Thundering Vocals, Old Time Religion That Will Put You Right in Your Place

Recent Appearances at IBMA Band Ramble, Folk Alliance International, Durango Meltdown Super Jam and many more...

The Savage Hearts Trio is a fiddle driven bluegrass band that features powerful lead female vocalists who have come together in a spicy tribute to the oh-so-many sung and unsung women of classic country and bluegrass music. Featuring lifetime performers and music educators Tracy Lynn and Annie Savage, the band's drill-it-to-the wall lady-vocals and bombastic instrumentals blended with just the right amount of saucy “been there done that” stage banter has audiences laughing and crying at the same time! Virtuosic instrumentals soar above vocals that are hotter than the punch of a ghost pepper in the middle of a hot flash. So who are these women?   

With a vision of total world domination through vibrating wooden boxes, Annie Savage (founder of the Savage Fiddler Method and international performer/educator at / birthed the band “The Savage Hearts” in 2015 after years of playing side with the likes of Jeff Scroggins and Colorado and many a bro-band. She knew that she wanted to work with other women and she quickly contacted two of her closest friends from the musical world to form the trio. Tracy, who she had worked with at Nimblefingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Camp in Canada. This season, we are joined by our great friend and conspirator, Greg Blake. Greg appears on Annie's new solo debut album and is a longtime bandmate of Annie in her work with Jeff Scroggins and Colorado. Catch Greg, his thundering vocals, incredible flat picking skills and message of hope and awareness with the grrrrrls of the Savage Hearts. Check his work out at:

With her signature blend of spirituality and edge, Canadian artist Tracy Lynn ( is a soul sister who sings with the passion of a woman who has been there and is back to share her journey.  She delivers her experiences through songs with a heartfelt authenticity and wisdom that someone traveled the road before her. Her warm rich melodic vocal stylings will draw you in little closer and then disquiet you with an edgy gravely sass. Tracy Lynn currently resides in her home town in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. When she is not on the road performing or teaching, she operates her own business, Sound Waves Lesson Studio. 

The Savage Hearts Trio is a teaching band that aspires to first bring the magic of music to the stage and then invites others to enjoy the gift of music through jamming and participating in the music with them. With three hearts and one mission, The Savage Hearts Trio is a fiery stage act with big teaching ability all in one. Total world domination through vibrating wooden boxes! 

We pick lady-grass!

We pick lady-grass!