The Savage Hearts did a fabulous job of engaging students from all ages of our string feeder area— elementary through high school. The students had so much fun learning new songs by rote and the pieces were well-arranged for a variety of levels of playing.” ”

— Julie Nelson (Orchestra Director, Castle Rock High School)

The Savage Hearts Trio's passion is teaching others  to play music for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for an artist in residence, teacher training or a festival workshop, this band is your go to for well organized high energy outreach that will have folks playing together in no time flat. The Savage Hearts will bring you the very best in education AND performance. 

Here's what you get: 

*Professional bluegrass band that will perform for and back up your ensemble. 

*An easy to follow curriculum that is grade level appropriate and includes either by ear or notated materials 

*Online tools to enjoy after the session! 

So, consider bringing the magic of The Savage Hearts to your classroom and/or festival! We can either tailor a class for your specific needs or you can choose from the samples below: 

Orchestra Classroom Sessions: 

Fiddling in the Middle or High School Orchestra Program 

Fiddling in the orchestra? No problem! In this 40-90 minute informance, our professional bluegrass band of seasoned educators will both perform and teach the tune (s) you select from our repertoire. We will give your students the techniques to sound like a true fiddler, whether they are a violist, cellist or even a bassist! We will play for them, with them and then help them create their own variations, all within a notated arrangement that will work for any level of public school orchestra! Expect a 4-5 piece band that will teach the piece to your students and then be available to perform it with them! We will use Annie's teaching method, The Savage Fiddler Method for this and all participants can expect to be fully engaged and walk with musical skills for a life time. 

Adult and Festival Learning Sessions: 

The Savage Hearts can teach jamming workshops in any of the following instruments: mandolin, fiddle, guitar, bass, clawhammer banjo, vocal harmony, song-writing and bass playing. We are each certified to teach bluegrass jamming and improvisation using a variety of techniques. 

We are also classroom teachers and offer a mean teacher training so that your students can reap the rewards! 

General Sessions: 

A Day in the Life 

What is it like to be a working artist? A performing musician? This 40-90 minute informance will introduce your students to a real day in the life of an artist. We will discuss the issues of practice, making connections and creating a business out of one’s own abilities. Expect an educational narrative with 5-6 songs performed by a group of folks who make their living playing music. 

Introduction to Alt-Strings Styles 

Are your students getting antsy and need a little something new to add to their skill set? This 40-90 minute informance will introduce them to the WIDE world of playing by ear and improvising. With the help of a 3-4 piece professional back up band, Annie will perform everything from blues to bluegrass to rock to celtic to mariachi styles and discuss the techniques that are required to use their stringed instrument in these formats. YOU select three styles and WE tailor this workshop to meet the needs of your demographic. Students will need their instruments as they will participate and walk away with a great handout of techniques and alt-strings resources!