"I love a good male-female duet - the history of country music is filled with some of the most outstanding there has ever been.  I was so happy when two of my favorite grrrrrl singers, Annie Savage & Tracy Lynn, the Savage Hearts, asked me to collaborate with them for special occasions starting in the summer of 2019.  This trio is a fiddle driven bluegrass band that features Annie & Tracy trading off on powerful, female lead vocals, paying tribute to the sung and unsung women of classic country and bluegrass music.  I love singing harmony as much as I do lead … especially next to these ladies, who can pin you to the wall with in-your-face, right-between-the-eyes truth-telling or bring you to tearful conviction with a ballad that bypasses your feeble rationalizing and lays your heart bare for sincere self-examination. 

The Savage Hearts was founded by my long-time friend, Annie Savage - the Savage Fiddler (founder of the Savage Fiddler Method and international performer/educator at www.savagefiddler.com)! She was also a co-founder with me of the band, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado. Joining forces with her, myself and Canadian singer-songwriter, Tracy Lynn, the Savage Hearts Trio is a teaching band that aspires to first bring the magic of music to the stage and then invites others to enjoy the gift of music through jamming and participating in the music with them. With three hearts and one mission, The Savage Hearts Trio is a fiery stage act with big teaching ability all in one. Total world domination through vibrating wooden boxes!"  * From GregBlakeMusic.com