Total world domination through vibrating wooden boxes!”

Annie Savage

Annie Savage (aka, "The Savage Fiddler”), is no shrinking violet. A lifetime bluegrass and old-time fiddler and a founding member of “Jeff Scroggins and Colorado,” Annie has been rode hard, put up wet and lived to tell about it. She founded the band, The Savage Hearts, with fellow soul seeker Kevin Slick on the front range of Colorado where she served as the president of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society and forged fast friendships with Pete Wernick, Steve Kaufman and many musical and business mentors along the way. 

She has been a versatile musician for 25 years, moving from the halls of the Boston Conservatory, to the nitty gritty life of a touring rock and roller, through the electronic music scene of Istanbul and rolling back onto festival lawns the world over. She is a passionate educator, and has written two books, “The Savage Fiddler Method” and, “Join the Jam” while presenting on the importance of creative musicianship at ASTA, Folk Alliance International, Kaufman Kamp, Nimblefingers and beyond. 

Annie delicately balances a life of music with raising her three beloved kiddos, Milo, Iris Mae and Oliver Fox with her conventionally very good looking husband Scott. She is finishing up her PhD at the University of Iowa, where she is hard at work on her third book, “Free the Strings!” 

Annie’s influences include: her longtime mentor Doc Nau, Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin, The Steeldrivers, Gram and Emmylou, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Ralph Stanley, Miles Davis, Ola Belle Reed, Tim O’Brien and all manner of classical music/world music- really anything that reeks of shameless authenticity. 

In the band: When she’s not ripping on the fiddle or singing, Annie lives at 30,000 feet, dreaming up ways to be impactful in service to the industry while somewhat clumsily pursuing abject TWD. She is the graphic designer for the band, handles the booking, manages the merchandise and is excited to begin managing the band’s maiden Podcast, “Ladygrassin’ with The Savage Hearts”. Annie does not know how to get from here to there and holds the band record for “highest number of absurd typos.”